Minister: Rev. Clare L. Petersberger
A Welcoming Congregation

Welcome, Visitors!!

Offered below are answers to several questions commonly asked by visitors to TUUC. Whether you are contemplating a visit for the first time or have already visited a time or two, we are sure you will find this information helpful.

What time are your services?

From the first Sunday after Labor Day through about early or mid-June, there are two Sunday worship services. Services start at 9:30 and 11:15am and last about an hour (please see below regarding children’s classes taking place at the same time). During the summer months, there is one worship service, beginning at 10:30am. For special Sundays before or after holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, only one service is held at 10:30am. (It is best to check online to verify service times before attending.) There is also a social gathering between/after services in the front lobby area to enjoy coffee, snacks and conversation.

What do you offer for children?

Children from four years of age through middle school start their Sunday morning by sitting with their family members or friends for the start of the main worship service. After a story, song or presentation specifically geared toward them, they then leave to go downstairs for their age/grade-appropriate classes. TUUC provides a comprehensive youth religious exploration (YRE) program for ages four through senior high. Members of the high school age group (YRUU) also select a service once a month to attend with the adult congregation.

Please feel free to talk with or email Joyce Duncan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), the Director of Religious Education (DRE), if you have any questions. You can also visit the YRE website for more details on classes, curricula, and photos. Please make sure to fill out a visitor form if your child is in a class and register your child after 2-3 visits.

TUUC also provides nursery care with both paid and volunteer providers for children under four years of age. If your young child/toddler/infant stays with you during the service and perhaps becomes disruptive, for the sake of those around you, we invite you to sit in the lobby area, where you can still hear the service broadcast over a speaker system.

What are your services like?

Most services follow the basic structure used by many other faith traditions with which you may already be familiar. Typically, there is a main sermon prepared and delivered by Rev. Clare Petersberger or one of our “Lay Worship Associates” (Rev. Clare delivers the sermon three of the four Sundays per month, from September to June). Preceding and following the sermon are selected readings which complement the theme of the service. Music is part of every service…sung by the congregation, the choir, or vocal soloists or groups; or performed by instrumental soloists or groups.

Themes for services are drawn from the joys, struggles and celebrations of our daily existence, and frequently touch on the search for answers to life’s great questions… “What is my life’s purpose?” “How do I deal with grief and life’s transitions?” “What is the essence of our humanity?” 

The substance of presentations embraces spiritual traditions from around the world, and borrows widely from the vast body of philosophical and intellectual material available; from ancient to modern times. A single service may draw from the poetry, stories and teachings of Jean-Paul Sartre, Voltaire, Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi; a thoughtful and thought-provoking mingling of profound and deep insights with humorous and light ones.

During the summer months, services may follow a somewhat less formal, conventional format. An annual summer tradition, for example, features members and friends reading selections from their own fictional and non-fictional writings; and another focuses on the reading of poems selected, and in some cases written, by congregation members and friends.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 1710 Dulaney Valley Road in Lutherville, Maryland. (See Directions)

What is your dress code?

Whatever is most comfortable for you! It can be your Sunday best or jeans and sneakers. Either way, you’ll fit right in and be welcome.

What do I do when I get there?

Stop by the Welcome Table, just inside and to the right of the front entrance, to speak to a Greeter. He or she will give you a nametag and ask if you’d like to fill out a Visitor Form. By completing the form, we will have your email address so that you can begin receiving weekly and monthly church communications by email. The Visitor Form also invites you to tell us about any particular programs or activities about which you might want more information. Greeters are able to answer any questions you may have about all that is going on at TUUC and can direct you to the appropriate contact person for a particular activity, program or area of interest.

How do I become a Member?

There are no prerequisites to becoming a member of TUUC other than your desire to become an active, committed member of this church community. By signing the TUUC Membership Book* in the presence of Rev. Clare or the Membership Committee Chairperson, you agree to participate as part of our religious community by sharing your gifts, talents, and time, as you are able. Membership also permits you to vote at congregational meetings and to receive a membership discount for the rental of church space.

* We have designated the first Sunday of every month as Membership Book Signing Sunday. Please call the church office the last week of the month or speak to a Greeter prior to the service you attend if you wish to sign the book after the first or second service. They can alert Rev. Clare or the Membership Committee Chair of your desire to meet with them after the service.

If you have any additional questions about membership, please speak to Rev. Clare or the Membership Committee Chairperson, or please call or email the church office and they will be sure to have someone contact you.


If you have any other questions about these topics, or any others, we encourage you to call or email the church office or speak with a Greeter when you next visit TUUC.