Minister: Rev. Clare L. Petersberger
A Welcoming Congregation

Prospective Members Workshop — “The New UU”

What Does It Mean to Be a Unitarian Universalist at TUUC?

This program gives newcomers, new members and long-timers alike the opportunity to learn more about our faith tradition and how it is practiced at TUUC. During the program, we explore the topics of theology and worship, our Unitarian Universalist roots, our philosophies of religious education and social justice, how we govern ourselves, and membership. Because of the amount of group interaction and sharing, the end result is not only an increase in knowledge and insight about our faith but also the formation of new relationships.

Half-day workshops on Saturday mornings will be offered throughout the year. For those wanting a more in-depth exploration of these topics a 5-session UU class is generally held in October.

Details for the next scheduled workshop will appear on the TUUC Events Calendar and in the Weekly Threshold Newsletter at least one-month before the workshop or first class session.