Minister: Rev. Clare L. Petersberger
A Welcoming Congregation

Green Sanctuary

We became certified as a Green Sanctuary in April 2009, by accomplishing twelve action steps to:

build awareness among TUUC members about societal environmental issues,

generate commitment for personal and congregational lifestyle changes,

motivate TUUC members to community action on environmental issues and injustices, and

build a connection between TUUC members’ spiritual practice and environmental consciousness.

Our work is ongoing in these areas, and we welcome input from all TUUC members.

“GSC” continually seeks opportunities to improve the efficiency and health of the TUUC building and grounds, including waste minimization efforts, policies to promote consideration of environmental impacts in purchasing decisions, and initiatives to improve the habitat quality and decrease runoff on the property. Based on energy improvements we made to TUUC’s building, in 2010 we won the “Cool Congregations” prize of $5,000 from the national organization Interfaith Power and Light for “Exemplary Carbon Reduction.” The prize money is being used to make further energy improvements.

The Green Sanctuary Committee sells fair-trade coffee and other products to allow TUUC to serve fair-trade coffee after services. We periodically conduct Sunday services, including Earth Day services each spring, and adult religious exploration classes, documentary screenings, and forums on a variety of environmental topics. We support bills in the State legislature on wind enegby and other environmental issues. Our community outreach efforts have included developing vegetarian casserole recipes for Our Daily Bread, donating books on nature and environment to Banner Reading Room, and participating in home energy audits in Baltimore City in conjunction with Chesapeake Covenant Community.

We are always looking for new people to help with our efforts, and to bring new ideas for action. Please join us!