Minister: Rev. Clare L. Petersberger
A Welcoming Congregation

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Studying the effects of medciation in the internet I found a forum where one girl was worried about her boyfriend who took medication and some other drugs. She met him half a year ago and liked him very much except one thing that he used medciation and she didn't know what to think about this fact. She was sure that it was impolite to ask about the reasons of treating with medication. She knew very little about this medicine and she asked for an advise if it was dangerous to meet with him or not. Besides the man had been taking drugs for a long period of time and it seemed that he didn't want to stop it.

As a rule we have only superficial view on some things which we don't meet every day. Wrong thoughts can be formed about anything and this drug is not an exception. May be it's easier to think that medication is prescribed to people who have psychic problems and who can be dangerous to other people, but when you come closer to the study of medicine you will understand that even you who are in sane can also have the problems which are treated with the help of medications. It is used for many illnesses still the main thing remains panic attack. Nowadays nobody is protected from this disease, it can appear from nowhere.

There are a lot of information in the internet about this drug. Those internet shops thanks to which you can buy medications online also provide useful data on this drug and it helps to get acquainted closer with one of the most popular medicine in the world.