People-To-People Auction


Dear TUUC Members & Friends,

We have so many wonderful donations for the 2018 TUUC People-to-People Auction.  Thanks to all of you who have given. 

Now it’s time to think about the “buy side” of the equation.  So click here to preview and print your 2018 Auction Booklet.  We have an exciting array of donations again this year, with many new items and the return of some old favorites.  The booklet also has instructions and other useful information, including how to arrange for a proxy bidder if you are unable to attend on November 17.  Start planning now for those special purchases, Christmas presents, fun things to do in the new year and so much more.  And remember every dollar you spend goes directly to TUUC’s operating budget and helps us meet our fundraising goal for the year. 

Come join in the fun, fellowship and food on Saturday, November 17.  Potluck supper starts at 5 pm and gives you an opportunity to browse the sign-up events and silent auction tables.  Children’s raffle is at 5:45 pm and the live auction gets underway at 6 pm.    

If you prefer not to print your own copy, we will have copies of the booklet available at the services on Sunday.  Donations can still be submitted, up to the Friday before the Auction.  They will be placed in the Addendum. 

Questions or corrections?  Email me

We hope to see you at the Auction.  It will be a fun evening for all.   

--Your 2018 TUUC Auction Team

People-To-People Auction Donation Form

Please submit this form by the Sunday, October 21st deadline.  Paper forms will be available and may be handed to an auction committee member or placed in the Auction mailbox.  See below for instructions and form for online submission. If you have any questions, please contact the auction committee at  Thank you for your support! 

People-To-People auction donation form instructions


Give a title and brief description of the donation for the auction catalog.  The name should be just a few words, and the description should be no longer than a few sentences.  In determining a description and quantity for your donation, please keep in mind that a “Lot” is everything the winning bidder will receive.  So if you are donating multiple things, please decide how you wish them to be bid on and fill out separate forms if unrelated. 


  1. If you are donating two BSO tickets to be bid on together, fill out a single form and list the quantity as 1 (one). 

  2. If you are donating four handmade vases to be bid on separately, fill out a single form with a quantity of four (4).

  3. If you are donating a dinner party, fill out a single form and indicate the number of winning guests as the quantity.

  4. If you are donating an antique lamp and a bottle of wine to be bid on separately, fill out two (2) forms.

To prevent “rummage sale” quality items, please limit your tangible donations to new or like new condition items with a per item estimated value (see below) of at least $10.  Donations not meeting these criteria may be rejected.  Donations of five (5) or more similar tangible items may be offered at a fixed price in the “Take-Away” category.


If your donation is an event (activity, dinner, etc), please indicate when that event will take place.  In prior years, when the date of such donations was left open, donors/winners had difficulty reaching a mutually acceptable date, leading to some cancelling the event.  To prevent this and encourage good faith, the auction committee will not assign a date on your behalf and may reject event donations without a prearranged date.  Please also consider a rescheduling date should inclement weather or other circumstances interfere.


If you have qualms about your donation being sold for less than its value, please indicate the minimum acceptable price for which you are willing to let your donation be sold.  If the auction cannot sell your donation at or above this price, the donation will be returned to you.


As the contributor of the donation, you are in the best position to determine the fair market value of your donation.  The auction committee does not have the time or expertise to research the value of your donation.  To help us properly price and plan for your donation, please indicate for how much you think each lot would reasonably sell.


Please let us know who you are.  If you are in the church directory, please write your name and check the box.  Otherwise, please give us your name, address, and contact information.  This will let us contact you should we have any questions about your donation and send you any requisite tax or legal documents.  If you are donating on behalf of an organization, please check the Commercial Donor box and name the primary contact.  Your signature promises you will deliver this donation to the church by the day of the auction, or to its winning bidder.


Please drop off your donation the week prior to the auction during office hours, or the day of the auction between 10am and 3pm.  This will give us time to display your donation and answer any last-minute questions before bidders arrive.  If you cannot drop off your donation at these times, please make arrangements with the church office.  When dropping off your donation, please be sure to label it with the Lot Name and your name, so that we can properly account for it.  Donations made after the deadline and/or without proper documentation are not guaranteed to be offered at the auction.  If you donated an intangible donation (such as a dinner or service), consider providing a small free standing sign for display.

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