Frequently Asked Questions

When are classes held?
During the church year (roughly mid-September through mid-June), classes are offered at the second service and run from 11:15am–12:30pm. On almost all Sundays we gather in community upstairs for the first 15 minutes of the service. Children and teachers are sung out to join their classes after this time. Those in middle school and youth group (YRUU) usually start downstairs to have enough time for their planned sessions. During the summer and on some Sundays (usually during holiday weekends), only one service at 10:30 am is offered.

When do I pick up my child? 
Please make sure you pick up your child at the appropriate time; even if the service goes late, an adult must still be responsible for picking up children in fifth grade and under. Be observant of the time when entering the YRE space because arriving too early can be disruptive. If you wish to have your child leave class early, please inform one of the teachers or the director of religious exploration (DRE).

What should kids wear?
Children should dress for comfort and for the weather as classes may go outside to use the playground or the nature trail. You will be warned if particularly messy activities are likely to happen.

How will I know what is going on?
Make sure we have a correct email address so you can receive weekly parent emails. Please also keep up to date by reading the monthly Threshold, the church weekly email, and joining the church Facebook page.

Are there snacks?

Snacks are sometimes offered as part of the YRE curriculum. Please note any allergies on the registration form. Please remember that offering a snack is completely optional and at the discretion of each individual teaching team. A class time of only 1 hour does not necessitate a snack. If offered, parents usually take turns bringing in the snack (the sign up list is typically coordinated by the teaching team). While an occasional treat is warranted for special celebrations, healthy snacks are highly preferable. Suggested snacks include: fruit (apples, grapes, clementines, etc), whole grain crackers and pretzels, cheese, cut veggies with dip, 100% fruit leathers, etc. Beverages are not typically provided and water and cups are available in the YRE kitchenette. Please communicate with the teaching team and each other regarding any concerns you may have concerning snack offerings.  

How can I help out?

Parents and others can help out by volunteering to teach and by attending regularly. Please visit following page for more ways to be involved: Policies and Procedures