Upcoming Worship Services

Spiritual question:  What Does It Mean To Be A People Of Curiosity?

May 5 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger: If Love Were Only Spiritual, The Practices Of Fasting And Prayer Would Not Exist

Tonight, there will be a crescent moon.  In Islam, this particular crescent moon marks the first revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad.  It marks the beginning of Ramadan.  During Ramadan, adherents fast, pray, and intentionally help other people in need.  Unitarian Universalists do not collectively set aside a month or even a week for fasting and prayer.  Our work for justice is not done in accordance to the phases of the moon.  What might the intentional rituals of Ramadan teach us about cultivating our spiritual and ethical lives as we work for racial, social, and environmental justice?

May 12 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger, Joyce Duncan, Roxanne MacKinnon, Kyra Mahoney, Emma Shannon: Curiosity Is Holy

Last fall, in an article entitled, “Curiosity Is Holy,” Peter Marty wrote, “Children are exemplars of curiosity. The questions they ask often have as much to do with relationship as they do with gaining new information. When a child asks, ‘Why do grown-ups sometimes cry when they’re happy?’ or ‘Do ants survive being flushed down the toilet?’ the child gains the attention of another person and hopes for a response. Relationship is at stake.”  On this Mother’s Day, we honor the relationship of mothers and their children by lifting up a holy curiosity.  We will hear from high school seniors who grew up in our congregation learning to ask questions and the specific questions they are asking as they look to the future.  


Rev. Clare Petersberger, Karyn Marsh, Membership Chair, Sue Royer, Program Council Chair: What Renews And Transforms Us?

What renews your spirit?  What transforms you into the person you have always longed to become?  As we formally welcome our newest members and appreciate the service of all who make possible our spiritual community, we will reflect on these questions.  Please bring a flower for another---knowing that another will be bringing a flower for you. This year’s flower communion will be different in how we give and receive from our communal bouquet and is an answer to the question “What renews and transforms us?”

May 26 - 10:30 AM - ONE SERVICE ONLY

Worship Leader Lora Powell-Haney and Music Director Tracy Hall: Death and Remembrance

On this Memorial Day, we remember those who have served our country, and also those people who shaped our lives but are no longer with us. As human beings, we are often curious about what may follow our last breath, but often avoid thinking about the time leading up to it. With story, song, and reflection, we’ll explore death and what comes after.