Upcoming Worship Services

What Does It Mean To Be A People Of Vision?

September 2 - 10:30 AM - WATER COMMUNION

Rev. Clare Petersberger and Joyce DuncanIn Which Piglet Is Entirely Surrounded By Water

Chapter Nine of Winnie-The-Pooh begins with Piglet lamenting a lot of rain.  After the wettest July in Baltimore---five times more rain than average years---many of us can relate to Piglet.  Today, in our annual Water Communion, we celebrate being surrounded by water at different times in our lives; what and who helps us to get through the deluges; and what dreams we bring to our community of care and concern.  Please bring some water symbolic of a meaningful experience this summer.  We will co-mingle our waters and our dreams.  

September 9 - 10:30 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger, Lora Powell Haney, and Joyce Duncan: Beginning Again In Love

The High Holy Days of Judaism offer us a vision of how to begin the new year with a clean slate.  They offer ways to be honest with ourselves and others about what it means to be human and what it means to love and be loved.  In today’s intergenerational worship service, we celebrate this vision.  We will also welcome Lora Powell Haney as she begins her half time Ministerial Internship with our congregation.

September 16 - RETURN TO TWO SERVICES: 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger: Vision and Divine Sight

For several weeks this summer, the walls of the TUUC meeting room were bare.  Many noticed the absence of visual art work.  I was reminded of the importance of images in the Hindu tradition.  Diana Eck writes, “In the Hindu ritual tradition, darshan refers especially to religious seeing, or the visual perception of the sacred. When Hindus go to a temple, they do not commonly say, “I am going to worship,” but rather, “I am going for darshan.” They go to “see” the image of the deity. . . . Beholding the image is an act of worship, and through the eyes one gains the blessings of the divine.”  Today we welcome our third annual Gallery Unicorn art show on the theme of vision.  And we reflect on what it means to encounter the sacred in images.

September 23 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Social Action Committee: Do We Treat Those Coming Out of the “Justice System” With Justice?

Today, we will address the need for reform of policies that adversely affect treatment of ex-offenders. Those coming out of imprisonment, after paying their debt to society are still met with barriers of stigma in employment, housing, and governmental assistance. This makes it difficult for them to pursue the normal lives they desire after incarceration.

September 30 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger and Joyce Duncan: Hand-in-Hand and our Good Luck

According to the story, a man lost everything.  He lost his job.  His wife died.  He could not pay debtors for her care.  (No.  This is not the story of Job.)  The man boarded a ship in England called “The Hand-in Hand” bound for America.  It became stranded on the shores of a community called “Good Luck.”  The man was invited to preach a sermon in a NJ farmer’s field on September 30, 1770.  Without that sermon, we would not be gathering as Unitarian Universalists on this September 30th.  Today we celebrate the birth of Universalism in America and how its theological vision has shaped our own.