Upcoming Worship Services

March Spiritual question:  What Does It Mean To Be A People Of Journey?

March 3 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger, Patty Barry, Stewardship Testimonial: The Journey For Justice

Today we reflect on the friendship of two 19th century historical activists---Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.  How might their friendship inform our own journey for justice in 2019?

March 10 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM - Daylight Savings Time Begins---Spring your clock forward an hour!

Rev. Clare Petersberger, Luke Williams, Stewardship Testimonial: We Live In The Future’s Past

This morning we awake after springing our clocks forward an hour (or discovering that technology did it for us) to launch Daylight Savings Time.  It’s a good day to wonder about our journey through time.  Is time travel possible beyond springing clocks forward or backward an hour?  If so, which historical event would you want to be present for in a time before your birth?  Or what event from your own past would you change?  Or are you a forward-looking person who wants to visit the future?  Today we reflect on our journey through time: our past regrets and our future yearnings and what they tell us about ourselves.

March 17 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger, Joyce Duncan: Let Your Feet Follow Your Heart Until You Find Your Place Of Resurrection

The title of today’s worship service is a Celtic saying that highlights the importance of pilgrimage as a spiritual practice.  On this St. Patrick’s Day, we shall explore the pilgrimage(s) of St. Patrick and where they lead him.  We shall also reflect on the question, “When you let your feet follow your heart, where do you arrive?”

March 24 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Music Director Tracy Hall, TUUC Choir, Soloists, and Guest Orchestral Musicians: Requiem by Karl Jenkins

The centerpiece of today's worship service is music from the Requiem by contemporary Welsh composer Karl Jenkins.  The music is instantly accessible and enjoyable, and evocative of grief, passion, beauty, joy, mystery, and release.  In addition to the typical Latin movements from a requiem mass, the work includes haiku in Japanese, and so along with strings and horns and lots of percussion, there will be Japanese flute!  You'll be transported on a reminiscent journey of what it is to be human.  

March 31 - 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM

Rev. Clare Petersberger, Sheila Helgerson, Executive Director, Earl's Place: The Journey

Today we conclude pondering “What does it mean to be a people of journey?” Two contemporary poets will be our texts.  Some in the Soul Matters Sharing Circle have chosen to engage an exercise created by Larry Smith.  He was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s response to a bar bet that he couldn’t write a novel in six words.  Hemingway responded with: “For Sale:  Baby shoes, never worn.”  Smith went on to invite people to pare down their life journey to six words.  What would your six words be?  What would you choose for them to be in another five years?  Today is a fifth Sunday and our offertory will be given to Earl's Place (one of TUUC's community partners.)  We will be joined by Sheila Helgerson, Executive Director of Earl's Place, and some of the residents of Earl's Place who will share their inspiring journeys!