Lay Pastoral Associates


Our Minister, Rev. Clare Petersberger, selects, trains and commissions the Lay Pastoral Associates to provide a confidential, caring, listening presence, spiritual support, and hope in times of need. Lay Pastoral Associates are easily identified by their unique name badges with chalice symbols.

Lay Pastoral Associates extend the care of the church through a ministry of presence to and hearing of the needs of individuals experiencing:

  • Challenges arising from Parent-Child conflict.
  • Major life changes, such as birth, adoption, loss of job, divorce, retirement, death of a family member or friend.
  • Health problems, illness, or hospitalization.
  • Isolation because of age or caring for aging parents.

If you would like to speak with a Lay Pastoral Associate, you are welcome to call the Church Office 410-825-6045, and the staff will connect you with one of the associates. Lay Pastoral Associates may also be approached directly by those seeking assistance.

Caring Ministry

Caring Ministry.png

The mission of the TUUC Caring Ministry is to direct our loving hearts to support the members and friends of TUUC when they find themselves facing a short-term need for help. The Caring Ministry is “staffed” by volunteers from the TUUC community. All information is kept confidential.

Our goal is to create a community where people feel safe to ask for the help they need. In this way, we seek to link those in need with the helping hands and loving hearts of the TUUC community.